Basic information to get started

The ÉlményPark in practice

ÉlményPark is a framework, just like you don't play with Android, but with an app running on it. Those who get anything they can use from there can already influence reality, because the holographic platform is very flexible and integrates all the magic. As you live your daily life, technically a very complex process is going on. You are influenced by a lot of things you wouldn't even think about. That's why they can affect your life so well. The ÉlményPark first cleanses you of a lot of energy that you perceive as, say, occupation. This can give you a sense of relief and euphoria at the start. Then, as you stabilize in a matrix of new possibilities, a guiding beam takes you on your journey until you are able to take the wheel.

The support system of the ÉlményPark is like a spiritual windmill that can bring the wind down to the level of the individual. Since this is at the system level, if we consider the play and experience of the elements as the main goal, it is rather good if they hardly know that this ÉlményPark actually exists. But those who do know about it should be given the most up-to-date information about what the service is all about. Everything is handled by a personal gateway in the mind, and everything is done in the mind anyway, but it is also appropriate to open the door from reality.

If it works well, this is what the ÉlményPark offers:
- your third eye projects a Veil Desktop onto the reality your eyes see (looks however you want, but a dashboard or windows/android screen is best)
- there's the Desktop Wizard, an intelligent program whose job it is to help you with these
- Or the personal client portal, available only in thought, if you have a serious question
- plus, as a gift, there's MIA, a spiritual experiential knowledge substitute robotic angel who does both 3PO and R2's work in your head

And for the occupiers, it offers:
- after the restart, it will feel as if the manufactories have been replaced by industrialisation
- everything will be so much better to use at the cost of a system of entitlements that limits it to specific realities and people
- after the chaos of the past, there is an interpreter that translates what the other person wants to say
- you won't lose each other forever, but whichever one of you comes into the game will find the other there

Just getting started

Not everyone is in a position to start seriously. However, the subject is exciting and constantly on trend, regardless of the era. You can't do it for fashion, but you can start in this way. So this section is for those who want to do something substantial, but have the time to dive straight in. At the time, I didn't jump in either, but accepted that I wasn't ready for it. Believe me, although I often monkey around with people who are stuck in their progress as a motivator, I do not underestimate the beauty of the physical world. It's enough to have the determination early on, and then later, when you're ready, you can take it on in earnest.

I'm going to give you a scenario that is just a framework and you fill it with content. Since anyone in the world can see this, it would be hard to do otherwise. All you have to do is look at pictures. What you see is an invention of my own making. There are advantages to being born into the PC and internet age, for example, I'm the first to do it at this level. This is no coincidence, as I am outside the profession, far from any prohibition that a master would have done immediately and we will never get there. To look at some pictures and afterwards everyone will be happy.

The first is enter the Task. There are many things that can block such a step into the task, the root of which is mainly many sweet traps, i.e. the comfort of which the importance is stronger for you than anything else. And I didn't approach it like anyone else. I'm not going to force you to give them up, rather I adapted to the situation and figured out how you could do the two together. At least for a while, when you come to a crossroads, but you will be much more aware and you will see the results of what you have achieved, i.e. you will have something to lose.

Under Close to Earth, you can find many more holoapps that enter your brain through the human eye port, which is a holographic computer. And these are programs compatible with it. This stuff takes time to understand if you don't get it right away. And that time is at your disposal, because you don't want to jump in fanatically right away. What you are reading here is esotericism, but you are not reading Eastern philosophy, you are reading Western philosophy. You'll find more near-earth stuff on the front page of Holo Install, just keep looking.

I suggest that if you have no other ideas, you should start Interdim Correction, which is also an apprenticeship programme. You will usefully spend the time preparing for your own future tasks. You'll get through a lot of positive results and negative experiences so that by the time you get in front of your future master, he or she will be very surprised. And if you stay on your individual path, you won't do badly either.

Negative experiences are necessary to develop your personality. Last but not least, if you learn to lose with your head held high, you become worthy of big victories.

To start seriously

I have spent nearly 20 years in an apartment, during which time I have realised that my performance is unique and unrepeatable, as far as the performance behind me is concerned. Before that I had a couple of head injuries, after which I managed to reorganise my consciousness in such a way that the result was always better than it was. I also realized that I have a spiritual mutation that has no peer. Nevertheless, I am walking esotericism on my individual path and intend to stay on it.

If I had had these websites back then, I would have taken a completely different path. In hindsight, it is not worth philosophising about what ifs, but I certainly avoided some of the life situations I found myself in because I was in the process of collecting data and looking for evidence of the existence of the spiritual world. A scientific approach to the study of God can only be the property of someone who is not baptised, yet is interested in the field. My work is definitely a good way for everyone to compare it with their own beliefs and knowledge, because it is an independent research, independent of everything and everyone, which has its results, but it goes far beyond the level of understanding of everyday reality. I can safely say that no one needs priests, gurus, masters to develop themselves and get spiritual initiations that everyone believes/knows can only be obtained from there. This is because these initiations represent value that they do to others. It is better to do these things yourself and not put prior trust in people you know nothing about, just believe what you believe.

If you are serious about this, you should take note of the following. You will lose the life you have lived and you will lose the people who surround you today. You may or may not mean it, but in this case you will mean it later and it will apply to you. What happened to me is that when I first came into contact with it, I realised it was a real thing, but it felt early and it took 10 years in the physical world to get into it. You will lose the people around you because you will undergo an inner evolution that they will not understand and only those of them who see you not as a role that they benefit from, but accept you even if you change, will accept you.

My advice is as follows:

1. Create the material conditions for a longer meditation cycle so that you are not at the mercy of anyone. During this time your primary goal is to open and discover your Inner World. This can only be done in solitude, while remaining detached from the External World. If you can't afford to retire to an apartment for years, find people who will take care of you without putting you under stress. That's why people used to go to a monastery, but I'm talking about an individual journey that you can't go on in a gang.

2. Unplug your doorbell, remove your mobile phone battery, even the SIM card and put it in a drawer. Do not call anyone back and do not open the door for anyone. As the hostile aspect of your Heart and Ego gets defensive, it will do everything it can to distract and throw you off, which it will attempt to do in the form of other people. You will only understand this later, when you realise that people are part of an invisible network of consciousness, which is now the realm of the collective consciousness.

3. Of course, this is a process that can be accelerated when you are ready. Do not be frightened by what is going on in your head. Because your brain is the organ that has far more senses than you first think and developing them is actually one of your goals. Whatever, and I underline whatever, is going on in your head, you keep your inner calm, because calm is the only state in which you can get the most out of yourself.

4. Don't bow down to anyone and don't believe anything anyone says. Believe only yourself and trust only yourself. You can trust others, but you must know (or feel) who, when and for how long. Including me, because you are on your own path and so am I. These paths can go together, but they will surely take a different direction.

5. Start your meditation by reprogramming yourself. This is a time to take the topics one by one and reflect on them. Until you decide how important a particular issue really is to you. It's worth being honest with yourself, because if you fool yourself, you'll have to make up for it later. All that happens here is that you set your own values and if you do it right, the shaking in your legs will get less and less after each one.

6. It all depends on what you know and believe about the world. For a person living in a Western civilisation, the best understanding of the world is that the world you know is a holographic video game you play in. In this interpretation, it will be much easier for you to understand everything that has happened, is happening and will happen to you.

7. Although there are many gods on the Stage, you will still find God within yourself. Since each dimension interprets God differently, you can only ensure your own stability on this path if you look only within yourself.

If the world is a holographic video game, then it can be assumed that in these nearly 20 years I have created something that provides a framework for it. It's called ÉlményPark (ExperiencePark) Holoplatform and it's like a 3D projection capable holographic Windows in your head (but more like Linux).


Multiplex projection

In reality, there is a very strong sense that there is only one reality. If there were only one reality, you would not meet other worlds in your sleep dreams. The multiplex projection I designed is the New Construction of Human Consciousness.

The problem I have solved is difficult to explain in a few sentences. It is that, on the one hand, unconditionally elevated beings and humans immediately began to pull the more advanced environment down to their level, and on the other hand, when the higher spheres created a closed environment as a solution, no thought was given to how to get out of it. Since I had the necessary level of consciousness, rank and intelligence, I managed to find a solution that most resembled a cylindrical building.

The structural logic of multiplex projection is based on the problem that, because of the different rules of the worlds that are projected together, there are often disputes in which both parties are right. In one reality, justice cannot be done in such situations, but it can in multiplex projection. Everyone has a level and a position within it that corresponds to his or her quality. Here, the identical reality nodes correspond to building wings, where everyone has a world of their own, and that is the rooms. The identical reality nodes represent the identical vision of the future, so those who see the solution in the dictatorial order find themselves in this celestial type of collective organisation pattern, those who see themselves in the free world find themselves in the democratic reality node. But because we are not at the same level of development, there are floors of each wing of the building, with the layout of the rooms reflecting even the nuances within them.

I worked all this out as one of the tasks of a 20-year non-stop deep-trans meditation in the middle of a big European city. I would like to point out here that this system eliminates one of the serious misconceptions people have, which is that it is best to be as high as possible. It is best to be in the most ideal position for you, because the further you get away from that, the more problems you have in constantly having to adequate, which means you will never be happy. Because my rules apply to me, my world is just as much a part of this system and I don't get too excited about it because I've done both the system and the journey there decently.

System control

In the design - and throughout the whole project - one of the principles was to be creative and constructive, the other to be simple (easy to understand). The reason for this is that few aliens have the rational logical thinking known to mankind and, let's face it, even the majority of people would not understand complicated explanations. That I am able to talk about this in a short, concise and understandable way is, I think, also an extraordinary ability. Dreams are actually higher dimensional two-way conversations, which are so strange because your brain can only cook with what it has and in 3D that's not much. I should note here that understanding the simple admin interface is a problem for many people (especially professionals) because they can't imagine that it can be simple and they all overcomplicate it.

A fairly designed system takes seriously the need to prevent elements from abusing their power in the game, as this will ruin the game for others. There is a reason why the word 'experience' is used in the name of the ÉlményPark, and I do not necessarily mean positive experiences. Where the few gain undue power to oppress the majority, the undesirable situation is that many will suffer, which is a type defect of beings in the spiritual world, whereby they misunderstand the physical world. In fact, the sharpening of the ÉlményPark is the result of a crisis plan that has had an interesting by-product, namely holo-entertainment for educational purposes. All these tiny but self-important gods will lose their undeserved power and this will lead to so many funny life situations that will increase the acceptance of the ÉlményPark everywhere. It's hard to express these in 3D, but perhaps now might be a good definition of when.

Playing the elements, controlling unaccountable power and preventing abuse are guaranteed by the following three things:

1. Authorisation System

Each player in the game has some sort of entitlement, based on his or her preparation and merit. The update of the authorisation system will only affect those who are already in the game, new entrants will start the game in this new system.

2. GummiBear Logic

The gummy bear is the enthusiastic employee whose activity is much better when he/she doesn't know but believes in something and this belief helps him/her to perform his/her tasks perfectly. He/She can be used to do serious landing tasks without it feeling like work. It's a system-level leadership that brings angels who know nothing about our world into the game.

3. Pink Globe

Primarily control of emotions. It takes care to balance actions and the revenge they trigger. Just as the punishments must be in proportion to the deeds, for if they are not, the purpose of the punishment, which is to educate, disappears. Let's not have some stupid bitch curse me for life for a perceived harm that she is wrong about. That is how to understand the point. As is the colour and the power of its light, so is the effect of the energy it emits. The other object of the thing is, that rashness may not fatally recoil upon a man who takes to magic without knowing anything of it or of its consequences.

The ÉlményPark Boards

In other words, the 4 branches. Here business is not just about making a direct profit, for example saving the world is good business for me, I think it is good business for you. It can also be a profit to make people in your worlds happy and prosperous. There are huge differences between interpretations of the same concepts. So much so that each has been amplified into a separate truth. It is important to note that there is absolute equality between Businesses, i.e. there is no ranking of anything less or more, in terms of who enters the ÉlményPark where. There is only one rank, and that is your own performance. And the only thing that shows how many programmes of a business you are involved in and the quality of your involvement in them. This is also how you get invited or granted access to admin levels.



I once heard somewhere that Life is a school. I saved the information for later, because I felt that what I thought at the time was a good direction, but very little information. It came to me later when I was looking for an answer to the question, if the world was a holographic game program and I owned it, what would I do with it? I would definitely set up its main pillars. Education and Learning is one of them.

This is where holographic projections people with a teaching vein come in. These people have a calling to impart Knowledge to others. This supply has met the demand that the angel above the learning seekers actually desires, because the students themselves may not have noticed the student directory. Because they too have a right to progress!


I once heard somewhere that Life is a slow imprint of our healing. Okay, I just made that up, because I've never heard anyone say that before. I know that what I think about it is a good direction, but it is not a little information. It came to me later when I was looking for an answer to the question, if the world was a holographic game program and I owned it, what would I do with it? I would definitely set up its main pillars. Healing-Care is one of them, because no advanced being is advanced without the human spirit.

The healing energies in the ÉlményPark are free and pervade everything. But the ExperiencePark environment is uniquely resilient to money, which is an important issue at the game level and the basis of our competitive civilisation.


More than once I heard everywhere that "live for today". To "be in the here and now"! I saved the information for later, because I felt that what I thought about it at the time was a good direction, but very little information. It came to me later when I was looking for an answer to the question, if the world was a holographic game program and I owned it, what would I do with it? I would definitely set up its main pillars. Experience-Adventure is one of them, because that's what I named the ÉlményPark itself.

When I had to come up with a name for this operating system (quickly, by the way), the name ÉlményPark immediately came to mind. There is no other way to describe the physical world more simply. For reasons not specified now, every dimension has a physical projection, it's all contained in a Tube of Light, in other interpretations a dream/device from which you can wake up. I'm afraid there aren't that many adventures waiting for you outside. Why else would there be such a need for it in here?


I've been an explorer all my life and if you look at the way this ÉlményPark has come about, there's a lot of work to do, the bug fixing, the testing, the improvements that need to be made, the larger scale improvements. These are also connected by one point as a pillar of the ÉlményPark.

A few years ago, when I received a request to rescue someone from a difficult situation that would later arise, I was in a position to see something that caused things to be taken over by ÉlményPark Research and Development. That one tiny thing was enough to complete the request. Anyone who found themselves here must have had a different test subject experience than at Experience-Adventure. And those who feel they belong here must all be special people even among special people.

Holo Game

Hologames are the movies of Life! Now that you understand that the world is a holographic video game (just look out your eyes), it's time to get to the hologames, of which you are the protagonists.

You can have your own hologame too! But only if you know what you want. If you don't, it will still give you a great game with a lot more chance and uncertainty. Since the incompetence of the elements is particularly strong here, our automatic systems are also a big hit. For those who dream of hologames, casting rights will be granted and the game will be included in the Programme.

It's easy to think you live in solitude and nobody cares about you, but you're just as much a star as the actors at the awards, just on a different plane. You need solitude to let your imagination soar. Make yourself more aware and you'll discover how much more the ÉlményPark has in store for you.

As these are just frameworks and operational logics, you project the content in its entirety. In other words, no two stories are the same. Therefore, not much can be written about it. I have used this to good effect. Remember, although there are many gods on the Stage, you will find god only in yourself, if he exists. I have not yet reached the end of my research.


Most important of all, the one who judges within the Game is the Game itself. And everyone loves to play. You have just been introduced to a game that many people will not enjoy, but others will have a lot of fun. One of the characteristics of higher dimensional humour is that others are always laughing. Believe me, I've come a long way, and I've been the laughing stock of the world, but if you persevere, there will come a time when everything will turn around.

I'll start with the official part first. It's called the ÉlményPark Judging System. Understandably translated into a conversation format.

I dread to think of anyone using the Service without first reading the Official Announcement, but now everyone has had a chance to refresh their knowledge.