User Agreement

Originally written for a funny writing, but I realized that it was perfect.

1. Anyone who opens his/her eyes will see the 3D projection that has been upgraded and naturally updated free of charge by our holo-company, where we call running games / movies / shows for our everyday lives.

2. The Service is available for everyone.

3. Unfortunately, due to the continuous timeline of 3D and the characteristics of the Content, most people may not be aware of the exact nature of this service, everyone knows and believes something about the world due to the quality of the gaming experience.

4. For our clients who have the trial version expired,  we can provide a very credible illusion of encountering Reality.

5. At the end of the Trial Version, everyone will be able to decide whether to use the service they have tried so far or to go to God.

6. Anyone who continues to live his or her daily life will also give his or her free consent to continue the Game.

7. Everyone must have a Seal of Account to complete the Service, and any unauthorized activity will be construed as illegal use.

8. Those who use the System illegally give their consent to use their characters as ÉlményPark test subjects for their various experiments.

9. To finalize the Service, the balance of the heavenly energies so far used must be settled.

10. For those who are overpaid, the system will automatically begin the process of settling, which is worth knowing through the Personal Customer Gateway that is available to you.

11. Those with arrears can, with the help of our administrative angels, start repaying the energy used at the current exchange rates of the Human Exchange (E.T.), which is greatly assisted by the debt settler, who calculates the forms of debt rescheduling.

12. Everyone has in their hands the personal power, the Mirroradmin, with which they can shape the reality for themselves by giving them the world they share for those around them.

13. The Lord has realized that the private sector is truly more effective than the corrupt divine and retrospective obedience I have successfully privatized the dimensions of you and above and below you, that is, the dream ranges with physical and physical contact, in order to present to you the Work I meditated on to pursue the world's problem.