How do I get started

First and foremost, I would like to make it clear that you can only start this seriously. If you don't have the necessary interest and determination, don't start and put it off until later. That's what I did at the time. I returned to the physical plane and lived my life, and then life took me into it just as I had imagined it at the time. You are much better off if you have some experience first and don't run headlong into the wall. Because you can't do it out of fashion, although you can start that way. And once you're in it, you can't really get out of it. That is why my words are worth their weight in gold!

So my first piece of advice is that if you don't have the fire, don't do it. You can do it later. What comes after that is for those who want to do it seriously but don't know how to get started. There is, however, a layer of people who either don't feel it clearly or don't know what they want. For them, I have created a website where they might find what they really want from this. It's also suitable if you want to do it later, you can prepare yourself in time. If you read on, you'll find a schedule that is not scripture set in stone, just the experience of someone who has been through nearly 20 years of deep trance meditation.

The first thing inside to do is to be clear about why you are doing this. But it's like martial arts in that almost everyone goes to their first training session to be able to defend themselves on the street or to be a better fighter than others. Then the more you get to know it, the further you get from your original goal. Of course this is not true for everyone, but you are responsible for your own choices. But for those it is true, the better you get at it, the more you will strive to avoid fighting, and this should be true in the world of magic. For do not deny that it is the power inherent in it that has drawn you here and you will have that power, but from then on you will also have a great responsibility. For from then on you can do something for the world in a world where you see before you many irresponsible people with similar powers. But those who use such power irresponsibly have mostly got it from others. And here you will learn how you can gather power independently of others.

The first thing outside to do is to create the material conditions for several years of meditation for yourself. This means preparing to spend years somewhere (I am in an apartment) without any activity that generates action. You will be meditating, which means shutting out the outside world completely for that time. No mates, no partying, no nothing beyond that. No phone, no TV, no internet, nothing outside of what you find in your inner world. This will be difficult at first, but these difficulties can be avoided with mind-altering drugs if nothing else works. Because why swim across the river when you can get on a boat. In this case, you are in a sense on a shamanic path, even if you think otherwise and learn the tricks yourself. So you are preparing to isolate yourself from the outside world, to minimise the number of people who come into contact with you. You don't call anyone back, you tie up your doorbell (so that no one from the outside can disturb your proceedings) and you make sure you have someone to take care of your affairs. They pay your cheques and take care of everything for you, without you having to be there in person. You will notice that all the unnecessary people disappear from your life, leaving only your friends who will visit you from time to time. Don't be bothered by their dismay, because they certainly won't understand the reasons for your change, but they'll accept you anyway, hence your friends.

Don't worry about going mad with boredom, because as your inner world opens up, it will be more interesting than anything you might be looking for outside. Don't be scared if you hear strange voices in your head. Don't be scared of anything. Whatever happens in your head, you will keep your inner calm. All that happens is that you begin to use the possibilities of your mind. Your brain in your head becomes more and more like a holographic computer, where your mind becomes the browser and the spiritual reality is the internet. Slowly you realise that if you look inside yourself, you will find the world there.

If you cut out a piece of a hologram sheet with scissors and shine a laser light on it, you won't see the small piece, but the whole image in tiny one. If you look at a tiny slice of yourself inside yourself and illuminate it with enlightened light, you will find the whole world inside yourself.


Start | Reprogramming yourself

Most people have the shakes in their legs because they live by expectations that they deeply disagree with inside. This shakiness can be eliminated by starting your meditations by thinking about everything and bringing up the issues one by one. In doing so, you also learn to meditate. You bring up the first topic and think about how you think about it. But here you have to be honest with yourself, because if you fool yourself, the shaking will not go away. If you can come to an agreement with yourself and accept the outcome, some of the shaking will go away. As the issues come up and you get over them, it gets better. Eventually you'll find that you'll slowly become completely at peace and your mind will become quieter. This is the state in which you become able to meditate.

Login | Contacting beings of the spiritual world

It is very important to understand something at the beginning. If you agree on something, it does not mean that you agree on everything. They will appear as helpers. But they do not think in terms of individuals, because that is the world of the collective consciousness. In the beginning they won't even know which person you are and when you ask them "is what you are doing right", the answer will always be yes. Because their world view is completely different from yours, in which there is no such thing as a mistake. This concept is known only to the rational, who sets himself a goal and sees everything as a mistake that does not lead directly to it. And they see a learning situation that has occurred that they do not see as a mistake. You want to finish quickly, they don't care about time. The other extremely important thing I can advise is to always be sensible, because the two worlds are so different that the same concepts can often mean completely different things to the parties. It is worth clarifying everything, otherwise you may be in for a surprise.

ÉlményPark support | It's not God and it's not with you

With the ÉlményPark, you can avoid a lot of the misunderstandings and unnecessary circles that I fell into. These experiences are reflected in the spiritual framework that underpins your work. It is worthwhile at the beginning of the all to imagine yourself at the point in your ideal future where you have successfully overcome the challenges of the journey and feel happy. Now mentally push a button and you've started this programme for yourself.