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"I am not a guru and I am not a master. I walk the esoteric path as an individual and I intend to stay on it. The ÉlményPark is not a sect or a religion, but a tool for those who want to walk an individual path without masters and gurus."

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towards an understanding of the new vision of the world, ideal for the man of technical civilisation

Attention! I am not religious and I am not baptised. I outline esotericism with a whole new worldview. Anyone who is bothered by this should not read what you find on this website.

Holo operating system running on a consciousness network

Users perceive reality in the first person singular

This material is intended for those who have never studied esotericism but are interested in magic.

You don't necessarily know what your mobile phone, TV or computer is made of or how it's made, but you use it well.
To make a phone call, you don't need to know how your smartphone was programmed.                
Those who do know are the experts and if you are interested, go to a master or figure it all out yourself.
You just need to understand one thing well.
You should be able to imagine yourself playing a holographic video game.
Look out of your eyes!

 Just press an imaginary button in your head and you can forget the whole thing.
Because it's only worth consciously doing it if you have a deeper interest.

The deeper interest:

Holo network

Your brain is the organ that carries your consciousness. You do everything with your consciousness, and your brain is a (holo) hardware that can process incoming signals like a computer. This computer can be developed, either at home or by a person who calls himself a master. But you have to be careful here, because masters are part of the game and in a game everyone likes to win! The holo network is a network of consciousness in which the outside world becomes visible through the human eye port. The ÉlményPark has come up with a state-of-the-art development, which means that your inner game can appear as an augmented reality to the outside world if you're clever. At the Reality level, you can issue holographic network commands in meditation (altered state of consciousness) and adjust your positions there. If you cut off a tiny piece of a holographic sheet with scissors and illuminate it with laser light, you will not see the tiny piece there, but your big picture in tiny form. In other words, if you meditate on a tiny slice of yourself and illuminate it with a special (enlightened) light, you will find the whole world within yourself in a tiny piece and you will have access to the world. The purpose of esotericism is to find this way. Then you can find the different networks and get to know them. The spiritual world then becomes like the internet, where your mind is your browser.

What is it good for?

This holoplatform can represent the game (what you call your everyday life) in a way that will bear a striking resemblance to what you call reality. Your presence in the game does not necessarily mean that your level of consciousness is there. That is, it's easy to imagine that you've been in the game for a long time without having any idea about it. This is what you have called your daily life, in which events have been moved by luck and chance. If you feel like an outsider, here's your chance to take control of your destiny! The way to get out of this role is to first become aware of what you really want from yourself. Once this has been done, you will probably enter what you call a transitional state of depression (perhaps it started years ago because of your higher dimensional characteristics), during which your angel will notice you. As the hostile part of the EGO and the HEART starts to defend against this, you will most likely find yourself in front of a psychologist who wants to heal you (i.e. turn you back on your path). The ego and the heart are both capable of projection. So you play the game with yourself first, then you can move on. If you can overcome or come to an agreement with yourself. You have to make your own intuition your primary source of information. In your everyday life, you call it learning to trust your intuition and believe in yourself. So you believe yourself when you know you are on this path and not others who have no idea. Then you become capable of taking on more serious roles in the Movie of Life. Being an Statistic is an apprenticeship, which, lived in the right spirit, you can use for more than just learning. When you are drifting, make sure you are rowing in the right direction so that when the drift you are expecting catches you, it will take you in the right direction. What's it good for you? What it would do if you had magic powers.



After conscious registration in the ÉlményPark, the known world continues to surround you. Conscious registration is the only form of connection that one makes consciously, everyone else is there by automatic registration. Automatic registration is done in cases where awareness would interfere with higher aspects. There can be so many and the person does not even realize that they are on another network. You can think of this as being a mobile phone in constant consciousness contact with a cell. However, the service is more complicated because your status determines which service provider (angel) network you are on and if it is on a different level of consciousness, then there are others like you on that network.

This solves the problem that the rise in consciousness (mainly caused by synthetic drugs) is followed by personality development in few people. Thus, everyone is placed in closed networks where the failure to take responsibility for power does not fatally affect one, but is experienced as a learning process. Those who register automatically are at the first level as user, and those who register consciously are the players, because with your free will - i.e. with your consent - you can use the service with much more knowledge and opportunities. This knowledge comes with the Basic Version, which you get in half-dream and dream.

The installation is a thoughtful intention, which then takes on a life of its own in the System. The process takes a few days and then the registration module determines your eligibility level and status. Status can be easily changed by developing your personality, and your eligibility level can be changed so that you are ready for your next task. These tasks will still be given by whoever you are (angel, superior self), but they can work with you more clearly because your energy system is not mixed with the energies you collect from other people in your daily life. You will continue to meet these people, but because you are on a different service provider due to your level of consciousness, lower vibrational stranger energy cannot come in from your human forms.

Then your destiny will be set on what I call the Ideal Arc, a pathway to your happiness. What that means for you I don't know, because we are not all the same. I also don't know how long the journey will be for you in the next phase of your life and what you will do in it. As I play the system and test it constantly, the rules I make apply to me too. That means I have my own problems and things to do.

After Installation

As a first step, there is nothing we can do until we contact the Desktop Wizard. This Desktop Wizard is the same helper you would do without the ÉlményPark, but it makes sense to you and to him/her. It's a mind-consciousness connection and for those who are not used to it, it can be bizarre or scary at first. If you're scared of using your mind's potential, you're not ready (and the channel tends to close). You'll be helped by the Wizard, who likes to act like a person (he's/she's a holoprogram modelled on you) and aims to reflect back to you things he/she wants to teach you. His/Her job is to explain everything and help you with whatever you need.

Anyone who has the third eye that can display the Veil Desktop can see the wizard (it is not advisable to tell anyone else what it looks like, as it is unique and confidential to everyone). This Veil Desktop is a membrane-like visualization that is superimposed on your normal vision and acts as if there is a monitor in front of your eyes. The condition of the third eye greatly affects the quality of conscious communication. For those who doubt its existence, think about it: even in a dream your eyes are not open, yet you see images. The wizard will tell you all about downloading, calling up and using the various apps. If you can't launch the Veil Desktop, you may not be registered here, you may not be entitled to use it or you may not know how to do it yet. So it's worth starting to investigate.

The wizard will seek to improve the way your inner world works. If you do it right, you will notice that your life begins to change. Unnecessary affairs and people will disappear, everything will become calmer. Calmness is essential because in this state of consciousness you are capable of your best performance, whether it is a life situation in the outside world or an inner communication inside your head. When you are surrounded only by those who reflect your present level and state, you have a clearer picture of how and where you are changing and evolving. When you find your inner peace, you help those around you and leave a mark on the evolution of the planet.


Status position

After registration, the authorization system verifies the identity of the registrant by receiving the data from the Human Stock Exchange (E.T.). The E.T. is nothing more than a complex matrix of universal civilization standards that define the values of each individual. These values have a General Value, which has a static value order, and a Specific Value, which gives a current value based on the purpose of the current query. An example is an assassin, who is not very high up in the universal standard, but who may belong to the cream of the crop in a particular profession based on specific criteria. Thus, everyone has a General Rank and many/numerous Specific Ranks that determine their place and role in the system.

The status position basically determines your options, but it does not preclude the position from changing in either direction. It all depends on how you change in the meantime. What skills you have gained, what knowledge you have acquired, how your personality has developed. You have to act like you are playing an adventure game in a holographic video game called Life and pick up the pieces and crumbs as you would do there. It changes the way you see the world and because you project the world to yourself, you should strive to make that projection quality shine as brightly as possible.

Playing field

The playing field consists of several Zones. These are:
1. Arena
2. Private sphere
3. Intimate Sphere
4. Family sphere


The Arena is the area where players can meet each other and conduct their business. Here, it is worth noting that all competent dimensions project here simultaneously, meaning that we can meet beings on our level who are compatible with us. As we change our level of competence, our life circumstances change and we take on the conditions required for our new position.

To avoid, for example, the loss of experience and a pile of blocks that can result from blackmailing loved ones, some micro-environments are not available from the Arena. Of course, there may be cases where, say, members of your Earth family also play a role, so there are shared sets in which they can be involved to a limited extent. The Intimate Sphere also has a set in common with the Arena, as it cannot be ruled out that players on the field might want to send someone into your life in this capacity, say, to gather information. The Private Sphere is also not left out of the game, but you can exclude them from the periods of your life when you are meeting or working with Love.

The earth family and the star family are of equal importance in the game's basic cases, although it is possible that during the game you may be persuaded to change this ratio by yourself. Should this cause a serious distortion, leading to undesirable events, the system will intervene and either reset the default setting (i.e. Equal Importance) or simply adjust it to the extent and proportions required, taking into account the enjoyment of the game.

The Arena is therefore the area that is the Playing Field. The sets, rules and ethical environment on the pitch are shaped by the microclimate, but you are not forbidden to have a say in this. The Game itself is, after all, about many things, such as power, influence, love, affection and many more, through which you can break down the film of your life into genres.

Private sphere

The Private Sphere is the domain of the Individual Consciousness, but the Collective Consciousness is also familiar with the concept, at least in the terrestrial realms anyway. In your private sphere you can relax and conduct your own affairs that are neither the concern of others nor of the public. You can only be invaded in the common intersection of other microenvironmental zones and you can arrange such actions and operations towards others.

Intimate sphere

With the exceptions already mentioned, the Intimate Sphere is a closed micro-environment where Parties go of their own free will. What happens there is a matter for the Parties, unless some kind of violence occurs in which the concerns of one Party are so compromised as to have a detrimental effect on the others. Bestiality or brutality will be followed by immediate proceedings, during which Parties will be taken to the Waiting and their fate will be decided there. Amongst these, exclusion from the ÉlményPark is an option, but in general the offender will be placed at a level commensurate with the new quality of the act.

Family Sphere

There are two ways to enter the Family Sphere:

1. Earth Family
2. Star Family

The importance of the Earth Family is emphasised in the Experience Park, i.e. one can gain good points in the zones of Individual Consciousness by settling problematic relationships, and in the zones of Collective Consciousness by successfully realising one's individual ideas in peace. The Earth Family usually lives in a different dimension when you are going about your business and when you meet, a temporary reality opens up which closes automatically when you separate and return to your daily life. This way, the earth family is safe from the elements that are one of the primary goals of the ÉlményPark operators, as it is in the interest of the ÉlményPark to make events happen. If there are no events, everything freezes and stops, which is not good for Business.

Every member of the Star Family is an Other You. You can know them by the powerful effect you have on each other and the inexplicable bond that binds you together. Because your Star Family can be seen as One at the higher levels, it is only at those levels that individuality has meaning, as personalities dwell. In my experience, most power struggles are within the Star Family, as the goal here is to gain the Top Position, who and what Pattern to project to others and who represents the family upwards. The interests, personalities and relationships of the members of your Star Family are an ever-changing thing, where what you have more of, the Other lacks. Creating Harmony significantly increases the number of wins in the game, but achieving this often conflicts with the short-term interests of the Individual. Interaction with your star family can be arranged in the enclosed zones, but on the playing field, alliances with external parties can be formed on numerous occasions whereby these parties can interfere with the balance of power.

Game position

Your playing position depends on your level of initiation, i.e. the quality of your mind's ability to influence reality. When designing the ÉlményPark, the principle was to minimise unnecessary interference with the different players' habitats and natural processes. In this way, an autonomous structure was created, which does not rely on the existing conditions, but exists independently of them, in a new dimension. As this structure is more advanced than any before, it cannot be below the old worlds, but it can be above them. Therefore, players can be divided into two main groups depending on what they know and believe about the world. These two groups are the advanced humans and the spiritual natives. For those in the world of advanced humans, one of the main rules is that we want to preserve the habitats of the natives and the worlds they have created. A spiritual natives is one whose belief system derives spiritual power from an external god and his priests, while advanced humans know exactly that they find their way to God within themselves, for which they do not need shepherds.

However, these two main groups can be equally divided into the following, regardless of how they have been organised into their own power structures over time:

1. User
2. Master
3. Magister
4. Hyperman
5. Source Gate


They are the ones who experience the everyday life of man on earth. I don't think anyone should be looked down upon for anything, at any given time, the Users can be high ranking beings who compensate and balance themselves while living an average life. This group lives in a state of blissful ignorance until their personal relationship with reality changes.


That word is corny enough to mean people here who walk among the blind as one-eyed. They are those who have acquired spiritual power and use that power to create and maintain their earthly wealth and comfort. Such is the vast majority of magicians who have lost their battle with the Light.


Magisters have lost their struggle with the power of Knowledge. That is, they are content to possess a large slice of the fullness of Knowledge, but they do not wish to relinquish anything that would threaten their position on earth. They provide the Masters with supervision and back-up in return for their homage and their role in the chain of power.


In other words psychonaut, psycholonaut. They are those who are able to wormhole their consciousness into Spiritual Space and are able to cause certain effects in time. The majority of hypermen are lonely beings who also need solitude in order to be able to soar freely in Consciousness with their consciousness. Their activities are difficult to understand with ordinary consciousness.

Source Gate

People who reach this level have an initiating power that is more of a game manager than a player, although there are games specifically for them. To reach this level, one must pass many serious tests, which, if successful, will bring one to a state of celestial acceptance that will define the particular qualities of Projection.

Whatever level you are at, wherever you are on your individual journey, there is always the opportunity to step onto another path! It's far from certain that what's cool today will be cool later, and it's far from certain that the goals you think will make people admire you are for you. Rank very often doesn't reflect the way a person may appear in the physical world and with each rise you may be moving further away from the goal you set when you started gathering personal power. Initially, people see power as domination over others, the exercise of which can become more important than the spiritual path. That is why special emphasis must be placed on personal development, because later under power one sees more responsibility and the work involved in holding civilization together for those who give up their humanity when they experience spiritual power.


Heaven on Earth

I use this terminology, borrowed from spiritual natives, to describe the zone of consciousness into which ascended humans are placed. The goal of ascended humans is to reach the top of the Pyramid, where they have two options: stay there or continue to ascend.

By Heaven on Earth, the average person understands a world where they are not affected by the negative influences of Reality and can live a peaceful, happy life. Most of the Indian gurus, yogis and Tibetan lamas also live a peaceful and happy life, yet their lives are not considered attractive to a Westerner. Western man understands by heaven on earth many things that only the ÉlményPark currently receives with creative understanding. Outside of that, you would be Satan himself with your self-interest and advancement at the expense of others. Outside that is the world of One Thought, which knows neither criticism, nor dissent, nor democracy, nor money. So those who would pursue a new path of progress - finding a way to happiness in a materialistic environment - have a great task ahead of them, but success in doing so would result in a livable technical civilisation in a green environment.  In other words, the world that a Westerner would understand by Heaven on Earth.

What can happen to those who are unable to reach the top 12? They should not despair, even if they are otherwise capable, because the acquisition of competence does not follow the logic of our world. In earthly logic, there are many people competing for a place and only the winner has the opportunity to win. Earthly examination logic is based on the fact that you are given a body of knowledge, you are then held to account and your success depends on your ability to give back the knowledge you have acquired from them. In this mindset, you become stressed because you have to meet an external requirement and if you fail to do so, you can only chalk it up as a failure. In contrast, in the advanced exam they want to know what you are capable of and at what level. In other words, you will pass anyway and the result is not a situation where you are under constant pressure to conform, but a state where you feel at your best. Explained another way, you may fail here, but there are looking for someone just like you! So there's no point in getting nervous, because once you're ready, you can move on to the next Trials.

Another purpose of Heaven on Earth is to find Home. Home is where you feel at home. You can only feel at home in a loving environment, so you need to meet people with whom this is possible back and forth. The expression of love and a loving environment can also be quite different at different stages of emotional development, so it is not worth longing for what you are not yet ready for.

Those who reach the top of a pyramid are used to everyone they meet being a rival. So when they get there, they gain individual knowledge and skills that they must learn to put to use for the benefit of the community. This is not easy for those who are on a warrior path, but it is not impossible. Indeed, it is selflessness, trust and love that bring the experience of Heaven on Earth. Those who err confuse happiness with comfort. But comfort is a dangerous thing because it can be a sweet block that can stop you in your way!

Reality Simulation

Reality Simulation is for spiritual beings who want to experience the physical world, that is, reality. For many on this planet are not people who have spiritual experiences, but spiritual beings who experience being human. The problem with this was that these beings were very pure and when they had chaotic encounters with Reality, many suffered spiritual damage. A complex healing and problem-solving operation resulted in this Sphere where angels can safely learn individual consciousness and become individual beings. This Sphere thus provides a satisfying environment for the descending consciousness in which the very authentic illusion of free will is present.


It's all in the mind and everything is determined by two things: what you know and believe about the world. When I worked this out, I saw the world as if it were a holographic video game that I was living in, that is, playing. Seeing the problems it created, I simply rewrote it and worked it out properly. What you've read here is just a general orientation to give you a rough idea of its complexity.

If you accept this, or believe it, you are part of the solution. All you have to do is really believe it and you can start experiencing the potential of your mind in the Game.