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"Although many gods are on stage, you still find God in yourself"
ÉlményPark Gate

ÉlményPark has 4 major business lines





Attention, here is all part of the show but only a fraction of reality!

What is this Experience Park shortly

It's like windows, it's just holographic. Your consciousness is projecting like an operating system in which you perceive yourself. If you look to the eyes, you can see it.

In other terms, a world-wide interpretation that understands the world in the IT sense. Thus, in the mind net there is a province where you are baptized with your consciousness, the same world as yours is before you. In the beginning it is the same because you did this to raise the light of your appearance and change your world.

It takes more account of individual consciousness, their aspirations and interests. Its purpose is to create Harmony in a material world. Livable technology civilization in green environment but it can handle other (even more advanced) systems. It is entitled to allocate independent frequencies.

Integrated warranty

A system designed for good quality interconnections. The thing is, no matter what the two creatures talk over your head, if you say no, then the parliament has not ratified the agreement ... between these two people.

This eliminates a problem that is a roots of many other problems. When eliminating their roots, one must be aware that there will be those who build their power on these energies. So if you terminate it immediately, it may lead to a crash, so you should do it step by step if you want to play.

Different cases can be encountered, but they can not be mixed. This is a solution to the problem caused by the peculiarity of collective consciousness.

Call Holo App

In the easiest half-dream or other trans-state you can trap your mind that behaves in this web as a browser.

Change Your Life

1. Your old life is part of your old movie
2. All the things and circumstances you do not want to bring to your new life are part of your old life and disappear sooner
3. You are the star of your own movie, the others are performers, supporting characters, statistics
4. The New Movie begins where the old one ended
5. That is, your current situation is the end of your Old Movie and your new movie starts here
6. Your loved ones and those whom you prolongs take their place
7. Now you can see a button in front of you, just press the button to start the New Season
8. If you do not start, you can be a sideline in another movie, where you have your downfall even on the lead role
9. You can launch a new movie later, gambling is not prohibited here either

Old movie rules

- The old movie ends where the new one begins
- To get a new movie from the old one in an undergraduate right, only with successful Tests
- In the new movie, the old can be avoided with viewers' views
- Occasionally, there are consciousness gaps that can create targeted past-present-future and future-past energy flows, at that time you can find the Old Film, which is not in the New Film (the actor does his own thing)
- If you are not in my New Movie, we'll never meet again ... because you have a movie that I'm not in
- New Movie starts with such a figure as you are now
- The more we go inward in time, the other person playing in your role in the Old Film will be more accepted and popular, you will slowly forget about it
- The more we move inward in time, in Your New Movie you are completely ruined by the people of your Old World
- Old Film is a section of your life that always bases the next

My Film Information

My Movies

Everyone is protagonist in his own movie. There are also title stars, supporters, and stables. You live with your everyday life with them. That this is an interesting film for you, you can decide for yourself.


There are all sorts of genres. Since life is a complicated matrix, you are not in one piece. You may not even think of what genres you are or are now a (holo) star.

Relationships between movies

They have higher priority and are lower. Since the like is similar, they interact with each other, so the movies can be mixed together. No matching elements move away and disappear.

Genre immunity

Task-based interaction involves microcontroller rules that make the Stories fit in one another. The reasons are not for the professional audience of the genre.

Holofilm - Hologame - Holoshow

Basic information

Holo Film (Reality Simulation)

The reality simulation is for angels and other intrigues who want to experience the physical world. Since these creatures do not know the Individual Consciousness, they would not be able to experience human existence without this without a zone. There have already been such experiments, which have traces and signs in the world. The problem of such experiments have come to settle for a great deal, and this is my thanks to the Finding of the Rendering Process at the end - as my own holo business - became self-sufficient. The Experience Park Holo Platform was named because of this best suited to different creatures. The Reality Simulation is therefore the Life of the Almanac Creatures. That illusion these creatures would actually fall into the physical world, but they would be relieved of any adverse effect, which they did not know and were the cause of their serious (mainly emotional and mental) injuries (they had disappeared since then). I also solved that, that these creatures completely forget these horrors that do not exist in their worlds. After Official Departure they are no longer threatened by any threat or threat to those creatures by being such they would do things that are natural in their lands, but not in the physical domain at all. When these are there are creatures, first they enter a compulsory learning program where they can learn the basics and only then will be added to the Holofilms.

Holofilms are stories in which the creatures in it can experience the illusion of Free Will. From the beginning to the end of the HoloFilms there are completely roles, even a fingal sneer, but it has an effect as if the characters would do everything from their free will.

Holofilms are the best versions of Holo games that can be placed in different ages.

Holo Game (Earth Heaven)

Earth Heaven is designed for those people and raised beings who are now experiencing the first collective consciousness. People in the sky are also human beings because of the unknown aspects of celestial beings they have caused serious damage. Remedying this was a more serious task with lots of combat and medical experience I was enriched by what I did. Originally, I've been naming this Zone for another name, but that's also a good idea for you it also has the advantage that its character has already been known to people in the crowd. However, people do not know how and when they get there. Well, they are unnoticeable because their own death is not detected at this time and because their brains are they still have a known world for them - the outside world will remain in its known continuity. Time is slow (sometimes suddenly) to this new state of existence where the goal is to experience collective consciousness. Because it is People are also driven by their personal interests, they have to learn to think in a team where all members of the team are Another You. But since they did not accidentally get here, they certainly fit. Sooner or later. Well, this is in the Holo games opportunity. Holo games can be written to me (some of this can be viewed here), can generate automatic processes, can give life or the fate of the fate, and you have the opportunity to do so even if you get to know your secretary. Those Who Are Earthly They are going to Heaven, they will definitely go to Holo's games, from which the stories themselves are transformed. The secrets of packing a free will to match the common goals. Also, to acquire humility and resignation from the Tasks. No it is compulsory to go on, in the Holo games you can be up to the end of time, you are already there, where you have always wanted.

Holo Games are stories in which players are competing and the creatures in it to experience the illusion of victory and defeat. As much depends on the quality of people, we are primarily interested in how these qualities are used by players and how they are used. The key to advancing is Quality.

Holo games are life's films. No matter what age they play, but the age often determines the character, so improper use of this may perhaps separate the beings forever.

Holo Show (Intermediate World)

Holo Shows can start in both Zones. Here is the only way to Reality Simulation and Earth Heaven's beings meet and compare their knowledge, skills, skill and courage. In a technical sense, it is projected from a third zone into both zones, where the other is not really there, yet complete value presence. Holo Shows are mostly center-view programs for high-ranking creatures who do not they want to enter the Experience Park, yet they have become aware of them.

Holo Shows are also creating controversial issues that are specifically requested by the angel-divine spheres, so the ExperiencePark Holo Platform enjoys the support of all available dimensions and spheres. In it they will become possible objective and subjective lenses, and is therefore suitable for research purposes.

Components of the Experience Park

Al ExperiencePark 3 is based on Component Element. They determine the Character of the Experience Park and can make it colorful events. You are now holo-Stars in all kinds of genres, but the Great Shape in everybody's life remaining.

The Gumimaci Logic

With this own invention, this Whole Reorganization won the Jury Grand Prize if it came from the Golden Radius I see it in vibrations. Everyone just believes in certain things, but nobody knows. This belief triggered reaction in every case pushes people right into the right direction, who are doing a proliferation of higher-dimensional stories so that they know and believe about it. So their confessors on them will believe and know what they are. Take your time, until you are a rubber tire, because after the Revival there are quite different levels waiting for you. And imagine there is at least One to whom you are you represent the Other Level in which you can develop as your Self is yours.

The Eligibility System

He will not let anyone anywhere near him if he is not fit or worthy of it. So we can avoid getting primitive creatures and more advanced creatures. The Eligibility System seeks to put everyone into a company that is appropriate to their level and interest.

The Pink Ball

He is a kind of dramaturg. Like its color and its brightness, its strength and its quality. Your intentions weaken a your thoughts and magic to the desired level, which does not endanger the Great Foresight. Enable the Érdes if it is correct and his attitude is constructive. He rewards outstanding ideas and inventions, not to mention acting.

Desktop Wizard

Dear Clients!

Although we were reminded of the installation that we did not discuss any of the look of Desktop Wizard, some of our clients did not own this request too much. Unfortunately, as long as the ethical environment is restored it does not stop, anyone can end up having the risk of getting it from outside. By making it to anyone are talking about things that only they should be able to know, giving the opportunity external actors to be credited with appearing in the image of Desktop Wizard.

In this case, the Desktop Wizard eliminates communication in the visual domain to our customers, until they learn it, take better care of their secrets. So for a good while only with sound and on other surfaces it will show itself where it is a one-time dentification.

Of course, there is also the possibility for our customers playing another quality of the Game to turn off the security features, you can retrieve the details of it from the ExperiencePark Customer Service.

Mirror Admin

Dear Clients!

The infrastructure of the Adventure Park admim functions has been built up to people, so now everyone you can deal with these matters. Thank you very much for the people who have spent time, money and energy sparingly system building. Their merits are not disrupted by the fact that they have done this very differently, but that is when the wind of modern times begins to blow and it takes time to understand. Well, we intend to reduce this time by doing so we provide continuous information as much as we can.

Well, these workers began to work (initially) for the purpose of preventing the activity park and power into their own hands. Even if this intention is not so noble, it is still a recognition for the end result in the knowledge of the efficiency and quality of the work performed. We have also thought about it in the hope of this We use this method to work with our employees to do everything in our own interest. The result is this there is a lot of community quality service that can motivate you if our employees believe that everything is stolen at the expense of others. It turned out that they could even give up on their job and get their free time on their job.

After this short introduction, allow me to go over the Mirror Admin feature. The idea of MirrorAdmin is then when it turned out, the Power Station can save a lot of time and energy by having certain elements to the level of individual people.

When asked at the expert level how we would be able to control such a system, not yet we suspected that the answer would be so simple until we knew the spiritual masters (and some of them allied alien species) to the question. However, the concept of unscrupulous and unprotected theft does not fit into this - their own in their circles - a leader for worthy and prestigious figures. So, I'm happy to announce that some of them are still acknowledged get their ideas as they handle creativity in the rough questions of implementation.

Thanks to these ideas, everyone can now use the Mirror Admin feature, to shape your world!

According to the basic idea of show you relate to your environment and others, the world likes you as well. You're robbing me others, the world does this with you! If you are alienated from others, the world will be a parasite. Everyone will come to his life once the recognition of what is being done to him, but few have the ability to recognize their own system if the other page find themselves. Usually, the greatest villains have the utmost sense of justice when they do what others have to do every day. Well here's the chance to do it for you.

By the time they change and the world will change. So we do not have to make a strong order where we need it, engaging in many unnecessary conflicts with unscrupulous and unethical figures, as they are able to solve the problem by we serve them properly. Well, the Mirror Admin function does this, which shows the success of the Idea is a Chance Jury Grand Prize in the Spiritual Innovation category. Remember, praying to God is a good thing, but if it is in your hands you want to take your destiny, only with this new idea! God does not really deal with time either with your own interests, not the ÉlmenyPark, which is much more understandable towards individual consciousness.

We are confident that the world will change this innovation faster than anybody who has been thinking about in the old world order.

System Update Information

Our Holo business specifically draws its attention to the fact that all admin operations in 3D are spread over time. Thus, admin is relative relative to an objective time.

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