As we know, there are no coincidences. This is how you came to this site. So it's time to get to know the ÉlményPark!

"Enemies of Bill Gates High School can use windows too."

Although, for the sake of clarity, I have used windows as an example, the ÉlményPark was based on the Linux philosophy. This means that there is an opportunity for anyone there to develop, but no one can get into this situation because to do this we must rise to the divine level with our consciousness.

However, this is not necessary for everyday life, and development is only for those who take on the difficulties that come with it, including the fact that they have to go through the ten-years timeline. Those interested in development will find their way to it anyway. To do this, they have to go through many tests to prove their aptitude, integrity and purity.

Does anyone know the political convictions of Linus Torvalds who made Linux? Isn't it? Still, many people use this operating system which is used for emailing, banking and no one is worried about it, but use it calmly. This is exactly how the ÉlményPark should be viewed in the field of spirituality.

Several independent branches of science have come to the realization that our world is nothing more than a gigantic hologram. This holographic world theory is reinforced by an interesting observation. If you are hypnotized and have a coin in your hand and think it is a glowing piece of metal, your hand will burn. It all depends on what you know and believe about the world. When I came into contact with spirituality I was not religious and I am not religious today. But in the meantime 30 years have passed, of which I've spent nearly 20 in deep trans at such heights of consciousness, where man has not been before me. Because of my spiritual mutation, I can safely say that.

I have invested a great deal of time and energy in creating a modern esoteric tendency that optimizes this area for today's world. This means that the ÉlményPark is not a sect and not a religion, but a tool for those who practice spirituality in a religious and guru-free environment. It also opens its gates for those who don't want to deal with it, but are interested in magic.

What is magic? Everything that does not belong to the realm of esotericism, for esoteric meaning is an inner world. What you do in your inner world is up to you. But if you are trying to enforce your intentions in others and in the world, it is magic. However, magic is associated with old-fashioned notions that are by no means fit within the framework of a modern esoteric trend. Therefore, taking into account the results of the latest scientific observations, I will refer to them as holo applications.

When you use your smartphone, you don't really care about Android or iOS. So you are interested in apps. That's the way it is in everyday life, because for me, religious people play a game of holofantasy that has been extended to the level of reality. A human being, in a sense, is a smartphone that can simultaneously access such holo applications, such as the work environment, home and friends. It is worth imagining that the spiritual world is like the Internet where your mind is the browser.

If you want to play these holo games better, which you call your everyday life, you have to take advantage of opportunities that you haven't used before because you ignored them. But this is the modern age where you don't have to be religious to do this or go to any secret or esoteric company because you have the ÉlményPark now!

The problem with most people is that this world means too much information, which you have to do on your own. I'm happy to announce that this problem is a thing of the past because here is MIA, a personal spiritual assistant as if you had a R2 in your head. Since the ÉlményPark does not establish an office network (churches, mosques, synagogues, etc.) on Earth, our clients can take care of these matters through a thoughtful personal gateway. With your third eye open, you can even visualize your own dashboard as a user interface. It is much easier to work with this in your alpha, half-dream or altered state of mind to enjoy the Game in your daily life.

It is no coincidence that I called this spiritual framework "Adventure Park" because it best expresses the essence of the physical world. Try it! You don't have to go anywhere and Basic Edition (which has all the stuff you need) is free and will stay.

  István Zsolt Diczig
Dreamer of ÉlményPark